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DigitOnTheCloud is a sophisticated commercial application for modern day SOHO market, allowing monitoring of assets and liabilities, inventory stock availability, customer remittances and supplier payments and in general the daily life of a modern company in the world of internet.
The Development technology of DigitOnTheCloud allows platform operation without dependence on computing resources, mobile devices and desktop computers, while our dedicated hosting environment ensures uninterrupted worldwide operation for every company that operates 24/7.
DigitOnTheCloud brings the most recent Software / Commercial application support for trading, finance and business management of a SOHO company .

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DigitOnTheCloud advantages

It is pretty straight forward:A business software you can work with.

We added characteristics and functionality improving your user experience and exploiting the best futures of the most modern Operating Platforms:

Google Maps, SMS, Email, PDF invoicing,
Reminders, Adaptive UI, Google Charts, Dynamic Grids,

and other web technologies in your hands!

Starting at 14€/month

Why your Website will Love Our Platform

Every technology in one platform!
Transform your business software into an ecosystem accessing information like trading parties, items and services, pricelists, payoff due dates, pending orders, web site, B2B & eshop, News Feeds, Sliders , Google Maps.

Domain name on your own, yoour own creds, your own platform

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Its fast, its lightweight, its agile and user friendly. We added all necessary tools to help you get results from day one, and power to help you adapt your future requirements no matter where you are.

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Have more requirements? DigitOnTheCloud can be adapted to suite your needs and follow any operating environment.


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Agile and expandable solution!This is what we developed so that your current or future requirements can be adopted successfully and the time you need them.

DigitOnTheCloud platform provides the option of creating additional fields and entities to comply with your operational logic!